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I am a PhD student within the Basins Research Group at Imperial College London. My research primarily uses seismic reflection data to investigate the influence of various pre-existing structures, e.g. within crystalline basement and within the sub-crustal lithosphere, on the geometry and evolution of rift systems. This research focuses on the North Sea, primarily focusing on the Egersund and Farsund Basins and the adjacent onshore areas. This work has identified a range of pre-existing structures offshore southern Norway, relating to the Caledonian orogeny, Devonian orogenic collapse and the Proterozoic Sveconorwegian orogeny.

Additional research interests include the geometry and growth of fault systems in both extensional and compressional settings, seismic geomorphology and salt tectonics. 


Phillips, Jackson, Bell, Duffy, Fossen (2016) - Reactivation of intrabasement structures during rifting: A case study from offshore southern Norway; Journal of Structural Geology;

Phillips, Magee, Jackson, Bell (In Press) - Determining the 3-D geometry of a dike swarm and its impact on later rift geometry using seismic reflection data; GEOLOGY;

Phillips, Jackson, Bell, Duffy (In review) - Oblique reactivation of lithosphere-scale lineaments controls rift physiography – The upper crustal expression of the Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone, offshore southern Norway;

Selected Presentations

3D seismic geomorphological mapping of clastic and carbonate reservoirs - The Farsund Basin, offshore southern Norway - AAPG ICE (2017), (oral presentation)

The role of pre-existing structural heterogeneities in controlling rift evolution –The North Sea case example - IMAG(in)ING RIFTING (2017), (invited presentation) 

How do sub- and upper-crustal structures influence the geometry and evolution of rift systems? - EGU General Assembly (2017), (invited presentation)

Reactivation of intrabasement structures during multiphase continental rifting – Implications for the geometry and evolution of rift systems - Arthur Holmes conference - The Wilson Cycle (2016)


2009-2013     -           MEarthSci, University of Oxford

June – Sept 2012    -           Geo-ecological Problems of the Preduraliye region, International Programme – Perm State University, Russia

Oct 2013 – Present  -           PhD student, Imperial College London

2015 - Internship - Petrolia Norway ASA - Explorationist

2015 - Internship - BG Group - Regional exploration and fairway analysis, North Sea


2013 Masters Research Project – “Subsidence history and structure of the UAE foreland basin and underlying passive margin”


Tectonic Studies Group (TSG) travel bursary (2017) - IMAG(in)ING RIFTING conference

Geologists Association Halstead Award (2017) - "given to an individual who has made a substantial contribution in any area of geology at an early stage in their 

Highly commended - Tectonic Studies Group (TSG) Ramsay Medal (2017)

2010 – Keith Cox Mapping award for best 2nd year mapping exercise


2011 – Cerler, Spanish Pyrenees – Undergraduate mapping Project

2012- Perm and surrounding areas – Geology of Permski Krai and the problems associated with resource extraction

2013 – Musandam, Dibba, Abu Dhabi – Outcrop analogues of subsurface passive margin sediments and exposed thrust sheets associated with ophiolite emplacement.

Teaching Assistant

Earth Materials – Prof Peter Doyle

Seismic Interpretation – Dr Chris Jackson, Dr Lidia Lonergan

Wytch Farm Appraisal project – Dr Gary Hampson 








Phillips TB, Magee C, Jackson CA-L, et al., Determining the 3D geometry of a dike swarm and its impact on later rift geometry using seismic reflection data, Geology, ISSN:0091-7613

Phillips TB, Jackson CA-L, Bell RE, et al., 2016, Reactivation of intrabasement structures during rifting: A case study from offshore southern Norway, Journal of Structural Geology, Vol:91, ISSN:0191-8141, Pages:54-73


Bell RE, Orme H, Lenette K, et al., Geometry and kinematics of accretionary wedge faults inherited from the structure and rheology of the incoming sedimentary section; insights from 3D seismic reflection, EGU General Assembly

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