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Talya Porat's research is in the fields of human factors, human-computer interaction, usability and cognitive engineering. She is particularly interested in decision-making processes and how to design and evaluate effective interactive healthcare interventions to improve patient outcomes and reduce medical errors. She is an Honorary Lecturer at King’s College London.

Enquiries from prospective students and collaborators interested in any of the above research fields are welcome.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Porat T, Liao Z, Curcin V, 2018, Engaging stakeholders in the design and usability evaluation of a decision aid to improve secondary stroke prevention., Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Vol:247, ISSN:0926-9630, Pages:765-769

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Porat T, Oron-Gilad T, Silbiger J, et al., 'Castling Rays' a Decision Support Tool for UAV-Switching Tasks, CHI’ 2010 Conference Proceedings

Porat T, Tractinsky N, 2008, Affect as a Mediator between Web-Store Design and Consumers' Attitudes toward the Store, 3rd Workshop on Emotion in Human-Computer Interaction held at the Annual Conference of the British-HCI-Group, SPRINGER, Pages:142-153, ISSN:0302-9743

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