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Dr Tom Reddyhoff

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Mechanical Engineering

Senior Lecturer



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Stress Analysis 2 - ME2-HSAN


This course builds on the ME1 Stress Analysis Course by extending the concepts of linear elasticity to two and three dimensions, as the basis for advanced stress analysis.  

Topics covered include complex stresses and strains, Mohr’s circle, failure criteria, shear stresses in beams, thick-walled cylinders, plastic failure and buckling of struts. The course should enable students to develop sufficient familiarity with stress analysis and strength of materials to design a safe and reliable load-bearing component of simple geometry (or to assess the safety of an existing one).

ECTS units: 5



Course Leader

Tribology - ME3-HTRB


The overall aim of the Tribology Course is to provide students with a general and useful introduction to the main concepts and principles of Tribology (friction, lubrication and wear), with particular emphasis on lubricated systems. It is recognised that the field of Tribology is very large and multidisciplinary and that it is thus impossible to cover all aspects of the subject adequately. Instead the Tribology Course focuses on those areas of Tribology particularly relevant to the design and performance of lubricated machine components. The Course covers the underlying principles and provides an extensive set of handout notes and references aimed at assisting students comprehend and address tribological problems that they may meeting in their future engineering careers, even those outside the areas directly covered by the Course.

ECTS units:  6   
Contributing to Course Elements: 6 to ME3-LCTVS or ME4-LCTVS