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Mr Taimur T. Shah is a Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Urologist at Imperial College London (ICL). He has a sub-specialist interest in prostate cancer diagnostics, imaging, Robotic surgery, Focal Therapy (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Cryotherapy) for prostate cancer and minimally invasive treatments for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). He has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals within these fields and been invited to give presentations nationally and internationally.

Mr Shah qualified from University College London (UCL) where he was also awarded a First-Class Honours degree in Molecular Medicine. He subsequently completed his urological training in the London Deanery rotating through the Charing Cross Hospital, The Royal Marsden Hospital, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals and the Whittington Hospital. He subsequently undertook a uro-oncology fellowship in robotic surgery at Guys and St Thomas' hospital.

He has a PhD from University College London (UCL) into focal therapy for newly diagnosed prostate cancer and cancer that has recurred after previous radiotherapy. He has helped design and deliver multiple clinical trials for primary, metastatic and radio-recurrent prostate cancer and is currently part of the Imperial Prostate (IP) Group at Imperial College London (ICL).

He has been an advocate for collaborative and also trainee led research and previously spent 5-years as vice chair of the British Urology Researchers in Surgical Training (BURST) research collaborative.



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