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Emeritus ProfessorTrevorStuart

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Emeritus Professor



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Professor Trevor Stuart's main research interests lie in Theoretical Fluid Mechanics, Hydrodynamic Stability of Fluid Flows and Nonlinear partial differential equations.



Fokas AS, Stuart JT, 2005, The time periodic solution of the Burgers equation on the half-line and an application to steady streaming, Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, Vol:12, ISSN:1402-9251, Pages:302-314

Mankbadi RR, Shih SH, Hixon DR, et al., 1998, A surface-integral formulation for jet noise prediction based on the pressure signal alone, Journal of Computational Acoustics, Vol:6, ISSN:0218-396X, Pages:307-320

Stuart, J.T., 1998, Mathematics applied in fluid motion, Quarterly Journal of Applied Mathematics, Vol:56, ISSN:0033-569X, Pages:787-796

Stuart, J.T., 1998, Singularities in three-dimensional compressible Euler flows with vorticity, Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics, Vol:10, ISSN:0935-4964, Pages:385-391


Stuart, J.T., 1999, Benjamin Memorial Lecture: Side-Band, Benjamin-Feir and Eckhaus instabilities, IMA Conference on Wind-Over-Wave Couplings, 1997, Salford, Clarendon Press, Oxford, Pages:139-148

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