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AB - Results of observations of low energy nuclear and electron recoil events in liquid xenon scintillator detectors are given. The relative scintillation efficiency for nuclear recoils is 0.22±0.01 in the recoil energy range 40–70 keV. Under the assumption of a single dominant decay component to the scintillation pulse shape the log-normal mean parameter T0 of the maximum likelihood estimator of the decay time constant for 6 keV <Eee<30 keV nuclear recoil events is equal to 21.0±0.5 ns. It is observed that for electron recoils T0 rises slowly with energy, having a value ∼30 ns at Eee∼15 keV. Electron and nuclear recoil pulse shapes are found to be well fitted by single exponential functions although some evidence is found for a double exponential form for the nuclear recoil pulse shape.
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