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AB - We present limits on the WIMP–nucleon cross section for inelastic dark matter from a reanalysis of the2008 run of ZEPLIN-III. Cuts, notably on scintillation pulse shape and scintillation-to-ionisation ratio, givea net exposure of 63 kg day in the range 20–80 keV nuclear recoil energy, in which 6 events are observed.Upper limits on signal rate are derived from the maximum empty patch in the data. Under standard haloassumptions a small region of parameter space consistent, at 99% CL, with causing the 1.17 ton yr DAMAmodulation signal is allowed at 90% CL: it is in the mass range 45–60 GeVc−2 with a minimum CLof 87%, again derived from the maximum patch. This is the tightest constraint yet presented using xenon,a target nucleus whose similarity to iodine mitigiates systematic error from the assumed halo.
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