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AB - We review the expected science performance of the New Gravitational-WaveObservatory (NGO, a.k.a. eLISA), a mission under study by the European SpaceAgency for launch in the early 2020s. eLISA will survey the low-frequencygravitational-wave sky (from 0.1 mHz to 1 Hz), detecting and characterizinga broad variety of systems and events throughout the Universe, including thecoalescences of massive black holes brought together by galaxy mergers; theinspirals of stellar-mass black holes and compact stars into central galacticblack holes; several millions of ultra-compact binaries, both detached and masstransferring, in the Galaxy; and possibly unforeseen sources such as the relicgravitational-wave radiation from the early Universe. eLISA’s high signal-tonoisemeasurements will provide new insight into the structure and history ofthe Universe, and they will test general relativity in its strong-field dynamicalregime.
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