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AB - Test mass charging caused by cosmic rays will be a significant source ofacceleration noise for space-based gravitational wave detectors like LISA.Operating between December 2015 and July 2017, the technology demonstrationmission LISA Pathfinder included a bespoke monitor to help characterise therelationship between test mass charging and the local radiation environment.The radiation monitor made in situ measurements of the cosmic ray flux whilealso providing information about its energy spectrum. We describe the monitorand present measurements which show a gradual 40% increase in count ratecoinciding with the declining phase of the solar cycle. Modulations of up to10% were also observed with periods of 13 and 26 days that are associated withco-rotating interaction regions and heliospheric current sheet crossings. Thesevariations in the flux above the monitor detection threshold (approximately 70MeV) are shown to be coherent with measurements made by the IREM monitoron-board the Earth orbiting INTEGRAL spacecraft. Finally we use the measureddeposited energy spectra, in combination with a GEANT4 model, to estimate thegalactic cosmic ray differential energy spectrum over the course of themission.
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