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My research focuses on understanding geometry and gravity in the context of string theory and extra dimensions.

Link to my recent publications on SPIRES or INSPIRE.



I recently appeared on BBC newsnight with Jeremy Paxman to discuss a new proposal that black holes do not exist (arXiv:1406.1525). For a link to the program BBC listing click here.

Low res video

High res video



Numerical construction of static and stationary black holes  arXiv:1107.5513 [gr-qc] 

Chapter of the book `Black Holes in Higher Dimensions'' to be published by Cambridge University Press (editor: G. Horowitz)

Mathematica Example



Numerical Kahler-Einstein metric on the third del Pezzo  hep-th/0703057 


Link to downloads (hosted by Matt Headrick)



Zakopane school 2013

Example Mathematica notebook to compute AdS/CFT bulk solution for a boundary that is Schwarzschild.

Example Mathematica notebook to perform dynamical AdS/CFT quench evolution for a real scalar coupled to gravity.


Porto Mathematica school 2014

Problem 1:  Mathematica notebook to illustrate solution of an elliptic PDE

Problem 2:  Mathematica notebook to illustrate method to solve AdS/CFT black hole solution