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Thalis Zis graduated with a Ph.D. in the Port Operations Research and Technology Centre (PORTeC) at Centre for Transport Studies in Imperial College London. His subject was on the identification of the environmental impact of container ports and on ways to reduce the emissions associated with the port's operation.
Thalis also holds a Dipl. Ing. in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and  an MSc in Transport from Imperial College London. His research interests include Maritime Logistics, Operations Research, emissions modelling and Fluid Mechanics.



Zis T, North RJ, Angeloudis P, et al., 2014, Evaluation of cold ironing and speed reduction policies to reduce ship emissions near and at ports, Maritime Economics & Logistics, Vol:16, Pages:371-398

Zis T, Bell MGH, Tolis A, et al., 2013, Economic evaluation of alternative options for municipal solid waste management in remote locations, Waste and Biomass Valorization, Vol:4, Pages:287-296

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