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AB - The field of flexible electronics has rapidly expanded over the last decades, pioneering novelapplications, such as wearable and textile integrated devices, seamless and embedded patch-likesystems, soft electronic skins, as well as imperceptible and transient implants. The possibility torevolutionize our daily life with such disruptive appliances has fueled the quest for electronic deviceswhich yield good electrical and mechanical performance and are at the same time light-weight,transparent, conformable, stretchable, and even biodegradable. Flexible metal oxide semiconductorthin-film transistors (TFTs) can fulfill all these requirements and are therefore considered the mostpromising technology for tomorrow’s electronics. This review reflects the establishment of flexiblemetal oxide semiconductor TFTs, from the development of single devices, large-area circuits, up toentirely integrated systems. First, an introduction on metal oxide semiconductor TFTs is given,where the history of the field is revisited, the TFT configurations and operating principles are presented,and the main issues and technological challenges faced in the area are analyzed. Then, therecent advances achieved for flexible n-type metal oxide semiconductor TFTs manufactured byphysical vapor deposition methods and solution-processing techniques are summarized. In particular,the ability of flexible metal oxide semiconductor TFTs to combine low temperature fabrication,high carrier mobility, large frequency operation, extreme mechanical bendability, together withtransparency, conformability, stretchability, and water dissolubility is shown. Afterward, a detailedanalysis of the most promising metal oxide semiconducting materials developed to realize thestate-of-the-art flexible p-type TFTs is given. Next, the recent progresses obtained for flexible metaloxide semiconductor-based electronic circuits, realized with both unipolar and complementarytechnology, are reported. In particular, the realizatio
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