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AB - Much work has been carried out in recent years in fabricating and studying the Schottky contact formed between various metals and the n-type wide bandgap semiconductor zinc oxide (ZnO). In spite of significant progress, reliable formation of such technologically interesting contacts remains a challenge. Here, we report on solution-processed ZnO Schottky diodes based on a coplanar Al/ZnO/Au nanogap architecture and study the nature of the rectifying contact formed at the ZnO/Au interface. Resultant diodes exhibit excellent operating characteristics, including low-operating voltages (±2.5 V) and exceptionally high current rectification ratios of >106 that can be independently tuned via scaling of the nanogap’s width. The barrier height for electron injection responsible for the rectifying behavior is studied using current–voltage–temperature and capacitance–voltage measurements (C–V) yielding values in the range of 0.54–0.89 eV. C–V measurements also show that electron traps present at the Au/ZnO interface appear to become less significant at higher frequencies, hence making the diodes particularly attractive for high-frequency applications. Finally, an alternative method for calculating the Richardson constant is presented yielding a value of 38.9 A cm–2 K–2, which is close to the theoretically predicted value of 32 A cm–2 K–2. The implications of the obtained results for the use of these coplanar Schottky diodes in radio frequency applications is discussed.
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