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Thomas is a GP and Clinical Research Fellow in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health and Department of Mathematics. He is currently completing a PhD exploring patterns of multimorbidity, funded by the Wellcome Trust 4i programme at Imperial.

Thomas’ PhD aims to identify whether characterising groups of commonly occurring diseases as more than the sum of their parts can provide actionable insights to improve patient care. This brings together his clinical interests in chronic disease management and patients’ interactions with health services, as well as his expertise in applying statistical and machine learning approaches to big data. The PhD aims to develop natural language processing methods to define ‘clusters’ of long-term conditions based not only on what conditions someone has, but how they develop over time. Thomas is supervised by Professors Aylin, Barahona and Majeed, and Dr Woodcock and Dr Clarke.

Before starting his PhD, Thomas was deputy theme lead for Digital Health in the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration Northwest London and Clinical Research Fellow in the NIHR Patient Safety Translational Research Centre, working on an evaluation of the COVID Oximetry @home programme. Thomas has several ongoing projects in digital health, including working with partners across London on evaluating the impact of remote consultations during the pandemic on patients and staff.

Thomas completed clinical training as an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow at Imperial in 2021. During his training, he worked in a variety of primary and secondary care roles, and for organisations including NHS England, Public Health England and the King’s Fund. In 2015 he was awarded an NIHR Research Methods scholarship to complete an MSc in Medical Statistics at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, graduating with Distinction.

Thomas has a wide range of research interests, including health systems research, digital health, epidemiology and global health. Since 2017, he has been co-lead investigator and lead statistician for May Measurement Month (MMM), a global blood pressure awareness and screening campaign, which to date has screened over 4 million people worldwide. He has supervised a number of BSc, MSc, MPH and visiting students on dissertations and continues an active involvement in teaching.





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