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Thomas's research focuses around stochastic analysis, especially rough path theory and its applications to problems in the stochastic processes, stochastic differential geometry and its interaction with Malliavin's calculus.

Rough path theory emerged as a branch of stochastic analysis with the aim of giving an improved approach to dealing with the interactions of complex random systems. It has since matured in a number of exciting directions of both theoretical and practical interest. At the core of rough path theory is the signature transform which, while being simple to define, has rich mathematical properties bringing in aspects of analysis, geometry and algebra. It allows on to define the space of functions on unparameterised paths/data stream in a very economical way. The past 5 years a significant strand of applied work has been undertaken to exploit the mathematical richness of this object in diverse data science challenges.


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Links to recent preprints

  • Thomas Cass, Terry Lyons, Cristopher Salvi, Weixin Yang: Computing the full signature kernel as the solution of a Goursat problem
  • Thomas Cass, Goncalo dos Reis, William Salkeld, Rough functional quantization and the support of McKean-Vlasov equations
  • John Armstrong, Claudio Bellani, Damiano Brigo, Thomas Cass, Option pricing models without probability: a rough paths approach
  • Thomas Cass, Dan Crisan, Paul Dobson, Michela Ottobre: Long-time behaviour of degenerate diffusions: UFG-type SDEs and time-inhomogeneous hypoelliptic processes
  • Thomas Cass and Martin P. Weidner: Tree algebras over topological vector spaces in rough path theory
  • Thomas Cass and Martin P. Weidner Hörmander's theorem for rough differential equations on manifolds