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Luporini F, Louboutin M, Lange M, Kukreja N, Bisbas G, Pandolfo V, Cavalcante L, Gorman G, Mickus V, Kazakas P, von Conta GS, Greaves T, Bruno M, Freire de Souza J, Astic T, Rasal R, Picetti F, Mosser L, Amaral da Silva EG, McCormick D, Wolff C, Giannotta Aet al., 2019, opesci/devito: Devito-4.0

Tensor algebra support (#873):VectorFunction and VectorTimeFunction(2nd order) TensorFunction and TensorTimeFunctionFull support for FD and related operations (derivatives, shortcuts, solve, ...)Differential operators such as div, grad and curlFD extensions:Custom FD with user-supplied coefficients as Function (#964)Extended and more rigorous support for staggered grids (#873):True half-grid staggering (u(x + h_x/2))Automatic evaluation at half-nodes (averaging only)Automatic staggered FD of any order


Mitchell L, Ham D, Gibson TH, Rathgeber F, Homolya M, McRae ATT, Zhou F, Cotter CJ, Lange M, ksagiyam, Wechsung F, Andrej J, Luporini F, Kirby R, Sun T, APaganini, Poulin FJ, Roy T, Hawkes C, Kärnä T, Salwa T, Kalogirou A, Barral N, Greaves T, Kramer S, Gregory A, Funke SW, Büsing H, tommbendall, McBain Get al., 2019, firedrakeproject/firedrake: an automated finite element system

firedrakeproject/firedrake: an automated finite element system


Luporin F, Lange M, Louboutin M, Kukreja N, Pandolfo V, Bisbas G, rhodrin, Cavalcante L, tjb900, Gorman G, Kazakas P, Greaves T, SSHz, vmickus, Jan, gamdow, vkrGitHub, pp1336, Astic T, Rasal R, Picetti F, Mosser L, dugeo2, McCormick D, Wolff Cet al., 2019, opesci/devito: Devito-3.5

Release notesMPI support:Python-level: MPI-distributed NumPy arrays.C-level: code generation for sub-domains, staggered grids, operators with coupled PDEs.C-level: performance optimizations (e.g., computation-communication overlap).Lazy evaluation of derivatives.Revisited staggered grids API (now Dimension-based, previously mask-based).Re-engineered clustering (which means smarter loop fusion/fission).DSE: Improved aliases detection.DLE: OpenMP nested parallelism; hierarchical loop blocking.Auto-padding for Functions/TimeFunctions.Improved data dependency analysis.Smarter Operator auto-tuning.New tutorials: Operator application, MPI, new propagators, custom stencils, and more.Revisited benchmarking scripts.Revisited examples, new models and propagators (e.g., visco-elastic).Smarter continuous integration: now Travis sided by Azure Pipelines; dropped Jenkins.Misc bug fixes.Hundreds of tests added.More sophisticated platform auto-detection.


Kukreja N, Luporini F, Lange M, Louboutin M, Pandolfo V, Cavalcante L, Gorman G, Kazakas P, Greaves T, Bisbas G, Astic T, Rasal R, McCormick D, Wolff Cet al., 2018, opesci/devito: Devito-3.4

Release notesPreliminary support for MPI (no changes to user code requested)Support for staggered gridsImproved compilation technologyImproved Operator autotuningMore powerful DSL (e.g., take derivatives of entire expressions such as (u+v).dx)More efficient picklingMisc bug fixesNew modeling examples based on the elastic wave equationNew examples describing aspects of the compilation technology


Mitchell L, Ham D, Gibson T, Rathgeber F, Homolya M, McRae ATT, Fangyi Z, Cotter CJ, Lange M, Andrej J, Luporini F, Kirby R, Wechsung F, Paganini A, Poulin FJ, Roy T, Hawkes C, Salwa T, Kalogirou A, Karna T, Greaves T, tj-sun, Gregory A, Kramer S, Funke SW, Busing H, McBain G, Mueller EHet al., 2018, firedrakeproject/firedrake: an automated finite element system

This release is specifically created to document the version of firedrake used in a particular set of experiments using Firedrake. Please do not cite this as a general source for Firedrake or any of its dependencies. Instead, refer to


Farrell PE, Piggott MD, Gorman GJ, Ham DA, Wilson CR, Bond TMet al., 2011, Automated continuous verification for numerical simulation, Geoscientific Model Development, Vol: 4, Pages: 435-449

Journal article

Pain C, Allison P, Aristodemou E, Bond T, Bercia GT, Bricheno L, Buchan A, Candy A, Clay G, Collins G, Cotter C, Creech A, Davies R, Dunstall J, Du J, Eaton M, Farrell P, Funke S, Ham D, Hill J, Garcia-Sagrado A, Gomes J, Gorman G, Harrison D, Jacobs C, Jiang S, Kramer S, Liu H, Lutsko N, Maddison J, Martin B, Miles B, Milthaler F, Mindel J, Mitchell A, Nelson R, Pavlidis D, Perpeet R, Piggott M, Plociniczak H, Power P, Sallito M, Saunders J, Shahdatullah S, Tollit B, Wang H, Wells M, Whitworth M, Wilson C, Umpleby Aet al., 2010, Fluidity, London, Publisher: Applied Modelling and Computation Group (AMCG), Imperial College London


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