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Tim Chambers is a Research Associate in the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Innovation (CHEPI) in the Department of Management, Imperial College London. Broadly, his research examines the role spatial and social factors—and the interaction between the two—play in the development of non-communicable diseases among youth. His specific research interests focus on environmental features that impact on children’s health, including food marketing and availability, alcohol marketing, greenspace and physical activity.   

Tim holds a PhD in Public Health from the University of Otago, in collaboration with Harvard University. He had a joint appointment at Michigan State University and Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Pubic Health as a Visiting Scientist as part of a Fulbright Scholarship. He also holds a Bachelor of Physical Education (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts in Classical studies from the University of Otago.

Tim joined Imperial College Business School in October 2018 working on the Science & Technology in Childhood Obesity Policy (STOP) project. His current research focuses on establishing the best policies to reduce childhood obesity.



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