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I am an Associate Director of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis and a lead investigator at the Jameel Institute.

My main research interests are:

  • Characterising the epidemiology of, and the potential impact of interventions for, some of the most high burden infectious diseases globally (e.g. for HIV, HBVHCV, TB); 
  • Understanding how resources available for healthcare systems can be used to generate the greatest health gains for the population they serve (see;

Formerly, I have founded and directed the HIV Modelling Consortium (a network of epidemiologists, statisticians and health-economists focussed on HIV in the highest burden settings) and chaired the UNAIDS Reference Group on Estimates, Modelling and Projections (which reviews and develops the official methods for calculating AIDS statistics). In many areas, I have worked closely with the  Manicaland Centre for Public Health Research.

I am also an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington, Department of Global Health, chair of the Modelling Guidance Group of The Global Fund and a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

I teach on the on-campus MSc Epidemiology and MPH programs and direct the Global Disease Masterclass module of the (online) Global MPH.



Selected Publications

Journal Articles

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