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Chandran A, Runcorn T, Murray R, et al., 2019, Nanosecond pulsed 620 nm source by frequency-doubling a phosphosilicate Raman fiber amplifier, Optics Letters, Vol:44, ISSN:0146-9592, Pages:6025-6028


Chandran AM, Runcorn TH, Murray RT, et al., 2019, 620 nm source by second harmonic generation of a phosphosilicate raman fiber amplifier, Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO), IEEE, ISSN:2160-9020

Chandran AM, Runcorn TH, Tmurray R, et al., 2019, 620nm Source by Second Harmonic Generation of a Phosphosilicate Raman Fiber Amplifier

Runcorn TH, Murray RT, Kelleher EJR, et al., 2019, Watt-level, Duration-tunable Picosecond Source at 560 nm by Second-harmonic Generation of a Raman Fiber Laser

Woodward RI, Kelleher EJR, Runcorn TH, et al., 2019, Nanosecond to picosecond fiber bragg grating compression of giant-chirped pulses from an ultra-long mode-locked fiber laser

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