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Dr Tomas Katafiasz

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Aeronautics

Research Associate



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Dr Katafiasz's research interests began at Sheffield Forgemasters undertaking finite element modelling of large-scale metallic castings for the nuclear industry.  This interest then led to research and development into ultra-light composite technologies for spacecraft at Airbus Defence and Space.

Since then Dr Katafiasz completed his PhD in experimental testing and numerical modelling low velocity impact of fibre hybrid composite components for the automotive industry, funded by a consortium of companies including Jaguar Land Rover and Bentley Motors.  During this time he was also involved in the successful engineering, design, and launch to market of a road bicycle: the Tresca TCA-1, acclaimed by the media including winning fourth place of the prestigious 'Road Bike of the Year 2019/20', outperforming many industry leaders.

His current research focus lies in the failure investigation of polymeric composites through fractographic techniques, primarily in the next generation of composite aeroengines for Rolls Royce within the CTi and FANTASTICAL ATI projects.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Yu B, Katafiasz TJ, Nguyen S, et al., 2021, Hygrothermal effects on the translaminar fracture toughness of a highly toughened aerospace CFRP: Experimental characterisation and model prediction, Composites Part A - Applied Science and Manufacturing, Vol:150, ISSN:1359-835X, Pages:1-12

Greenhalgh ES, Canturri C, Katafiasz TJ, 2021, Fractographic study into the effect of drilling damage on bearing mechanisms and performance in carbon-fibre epoxy composites, Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol:129, ISSN:1350-6307, Pages:1-29

Katafiasz T, Greenhalgh ES, Allegri G, et al., 2021, The influence of temperature and moisture on the mode I fracture toughness and associated fracture morphology of a highly toughened aerospace CFRP, Composites Part A - Applied Science and Manufacturing, Vol:142, ISSN:1359-835X

Katafiasz TJ, Iannucci L, Greenhalgh E, 2019, Development of a novel compact tension specimen to mitigate premature compression and buckling failure modes within fibre hybrid epoxy composites, Composite Structures, Vol:207, ISSN:1879-1085, Pages:93-107


Katafiasz TJ, Iannucci L, Greenhalgh ES, 2016, Interlaminar and intralaminar properties of carbon spread tow and glass fibre hybrid composites for cost saving in the mass production of automotive components

Katafiasz TJ, Iannucci L, Greenhalgh E, Hybrid Fibre Composites for De-lamination Resistance and Cost Saving, Cyclitech

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