Imperial College London

Mr Tsz Hei Choi, Kelvin

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Academic Visitor







Huxley 728Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Current PhD Project: Building a Long-term Record of the Global Solar Energy Resource from Satellite Observations (Supervisor: Dr Helen Brindley)

The aim of this PhD is to further develop the radiative transfer capability within the RAL algorithm such that the quantities most pertinent for assessing the solar resource and informing solar cell design are routinely generated. Once implemented and evaluated, the dataset will be fed into solar cell simulation tools in order to estimate the electricity generation potential for different cell designs as a function of location. In this way the optimal cell technology and/or design for different regions can be identified based on real, long-term observations.

I also undertake various undergraduate teaching duties.



Choi TH, Brindley H, Ekins-Daukes N, et al., 2021, Developing automated methods to estimate spectrally resolved direct normal irradiance for solar energy applications, Renewable Energy, Vol:173, ISSN:0960-1481, Pages:1070-1086

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