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My research is in the area of High Energy Physics and deals with the most fundamental aspects of how our Universe works.

Our current knowledge of Particle Physics is described through what is called the Standard Model. We know this is only an effective theory as it predicts unphysical observables at energies close to the Planck Scale. Current studies are focused on looking for small deviations from Standard Model predictions that can give us an insight into the underying theory. We call these effects "New Physics" or "Physics beyond the Standard Model".

The experiment I am working on is called the LHCb experiment and is located at CERN, the European Centre for Particle Physics (Geneva, Switzerland). At this experiment I am leading the effort in using a class of decays called penguin decays to find indications of New Physics. Protons collide at an energy of 13 TeV to produce large quantities of B-mesons which we subsequently can analyse the decays of.

I am also involved in the development of Grid computing for the future. One of the greatest challenges for individual researchers is to overcome the technological barrier of how to access large scale computing. The tool, Gnaga that I am a project manager for was developed within the LHCb experiment and has now been adapted by STFC as the default tool for new user communities that join Grid computing.



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