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Dr. Uzoma Ojike is a Research Assistant at the Centre for Environmental Policy at Imperial College London. Her research focuses on integration of Ecosystem Servcies in Environmental Assessment, Policy, Planning and the Corporate Environment.

My research interest lie in applying tools and technqies  to develop sector guide fo integrating ecosystem services; integrating ecosystems services in policy and business decision making within the corporate environmen; and, finally, disseminating teh concept fo ecosystem services to consumers and end-users. Exploring possible collaborations with TEEB and other businesses.

She is currently working on the OPTIMA Project to assess  the socio-economic impacts of biomass production from perennial grasses in the Mediterrenean Area. This Socio-Economic Impact Assessment( SEIA) focuses on land and water secuirty, competing uses and market allocation.

She is a member of the TEEB Coalition and  a member of YESS( Young Ecosystem Services Specialist; where forms part of the newletter team. In addition,she  volunteers for Reaching Further at Imperial College to teach school children about ecosystem services.



 Development and Application of Spatial Analysis of Ecosystem services using Geographical Information Systems to quantify ecosystem services.


Conducted engagement with local stakeholders to generate typology of ecosystems services using virtual platform, social networking site, Facebook, and conventional methods, such as, semi-structured interviews and surveys