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I work in Psychiatry as part of the CAMH team led by Dr Dasha Nicholls. I am interested in the benefits of social support to mental health and the neural subtrates underpinning this. I am currently researching social behaviour in adolescents at its relationship to eating disorders. Recently, I led a study demonstrating that women with bulimia nervosa have a negative interpretation bias towards ambiguous social stimuli and a greater sensitivity to perceived social rejection than women without bulimia nervosa. In addition, I am reviewing the role of negative social interactions in eating disorders.

I am also researching the effects of oxytocin on social behaviour.  I have already demonstrated the anxiolytic effects of oxytocin on hedonic food intake in both sexes, and the dampening attentional influence of oxytocin on vigilance to food stimuli.  I have reviewed the role of oxytocin gene polymorphisms and eating disorders and am leading a project to investigate the effects of intranasal oxytocin on social behaviour in young people. I am currently running an experiment to evaluate oxytocin's impact on social difficulties among adolescents with eating disorders.

As part of Dr Martina di Simplicio's Imagine study, I was involved in assessing the reward mechanisms underlying binging and purging in young people and we demonstrated attentional biases to food and shape stimuli using the dot-probe paradigm. 

I am also researching the effects of the lockdown isolation on eating behaviours of children and adolescents in the UK and Spain. In addition, I am superiving a systematic review of eating behaviour in young people globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am also part of the MeCare research project led by Dr Dasha Nicholls set up to assess the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on NHS workers. 




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