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Research funding


2022-2023.  Precision-medicine platform trials to improve the care of sick and preterm newborn babies.  Professor Neena Modi.  NIHR EME.

2022-2023.  Building an international precision medicine platform trial for the acute respiratory distress syndrome.  Professor Danny McAuley.  NIHR

2022-2023.  Randomized embedded, mulifactorial, adaptive platform trial for interstitial lung disease (REMAP-ILD). Professor Gisli Jenkins. NIHR

2022-2024.  Development and feasibility testing of an intervention to prevent potentially harmful skincare practices during infancy.  Dr Michael Perkin. NIHR RfPB.

2021-2024.  Dyslipidaemia Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)  Decision Support System Implementation study.  Professor Kosh Ray. Sanofi-Aventis. 6M

2021-2023.  A single-blind, randomised, phase II UK multi-centre study to determine reactogenicity and immunogenicity of booster vaccination against ancestral and novel variants of SARS-CoV-2- STAGE 2. Professor Saul Faust.  NIHR/VTF, DHSC. 10M

2021-2023.  A single-blind, randomised, phase II UK multi-centre study to determine reactogenicity and immunogenicity of booster vaccination against ancestral and novel variants of SARS-CoV-2.  Professor Saul Faust.  NIHR/VTF, DHSC. 19M

2021-2023.  Long term effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of early mental health intervention: Follow up to the Healthy Start, Happy Start study.  Professor Paul Ramchandani. 

2021-2024.  A multi-site RCT to explore the clinical and cost effectiveness of the Circle of Security Intervention for mothers in perinatal mental health services (The COSI study). Professor Peter Fonegy. 2M

2020-2022.  Optimisation for blood Pressure with Single-Pill combinations in India (TOPSPIN).  Professor Neil Poulter. Servier Pharmaceuticals.

2020 - Multi-arm trial of Inflammatory Signal Inhibitors for COVID-19 (MATIS). CI Dr Nicola Cooper.  Novartis and Rigel 

2020 - 2025. DISCOVER Now. ICHP Clinical Trial, Implementation Research and Digital Health HubHealth Data Research UK (HDRUK).

2020 - 2024 Sepsis Trials In Critical care (SepTIC). CI Professor Anthony Gordon. NIHR HTA. 3.4M

2019 - 2024. Treating severe paediatric asthma; an open label randomised controlled trial comparing mepolizumab and omalizumab (TREAT trial). CI Professor Sejal Saglani. NIHR EME. 2.4M

2018-2023.  London Research Design Service. Professor Charles Wolfe. 1M

2018 - 2021. Portfolio of trial to evaluate Digital Interventions to manage chronic conditions in Asthma, Diabetes and COPD. CI Professor Tom Wilkinson.

2018 - 2020. Skin care interventions for preventing eczema and food allergy: a  systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis. CI: Dr Robert Boyle. NIHR RfPB.

2018 - 2020Developing a Community Singing-Based Intervention for Perinatal Mental Health in The Gambia. CI Professor Lauren Steward. AHRC-MRC

2017 - 2018. Feasibility study integrating routinely collected mobile app and NHS trust data. Evaliuation in hospital setting using interrupted time series analysis. CI: Dr Victoria Cornelius. NIHR CTU Support Funding

2017 - 2018.  PROMISE: Development of infrastructure for Patient Reported Outcomes and assessment of analytical approaches to Interrupted Time Series design for non-randomised studies in surgery. CI: Professsor Sandra Eldridge & Dr Richard Hooper. NIHR CTU Support Funding

2017 - 2019 NIHR Research Methods Training Fellowship. CI: Dr Victoria Cornelius. NIHR TCC. 

2017 - 2020. The Grown Up Peanut Immunotherapy (GUPI) study: a single arm phase II efficacy study of oral immunotherapy (OIT) in adults with peanut allergy. CI: Dr Steven Till (KCL). NIHR RfPB.

2016 – 2020. Treatment of Pustular Psoriasis with the IL-1 receptor antagonist anakinra: a randomised, placebo controlled trial and associated mechanistic studies. CI Professor Catherine Smith (KCL). NIHR EME.

2015 – 2018. A feasibility study to evaluate local heat preconditioning with respect to its effects on wound healing after reconstructive breast surgery in patients with breast cancer– a single blind randomised controlled trial. CI: Mr Jian Farhadi (KCL). NIHR RfPB.

2015 – 2017. The role of apixaban, aspirin and enoxaparin as thromboprophylaxis in patients newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma - an open label randomised feasibility study. CI: Professor Roopen Arya (KCL). NIHR RfPB.

2015 - 2017. A study to assess the feasibility and patient acceptability for an adapted diagnostic accuracy study to compare virtual vs conventional chromoendoscopy for the detection of dysplasia in colitis. CI: Dr Bu'Hussain Hayee (KCL). NIHR RfPB.

2014 – 2018. Randomised Controlled Trial of intraocular and periocular steroid (triamcinolone acetonide) in eyes undergoing vitreoretinal surgery for open globe trauma. CI: Mr David Charteris (Moorfields). NIHR HTA.

2014 – 2018. A randomised placebo-controlled study examining the role of anti-IgE in severe recalcitrant paediatric atopic Eczema. CI: Dr Susan Chan (GSTT). NIHR EME.

2014 – 2016. Enhanced Invitation Methods to Increase Uptake of NHS Health Checks; a Randomised Controlled Trial. CI Professor Martin Gulliford (KCL). NIHR HTA.


2023-2026.  Developing causal machine learning methods for the detection of heterogeneous treatment effects in randomised controlled trials, with application to critical care trials. Ellie Van Vogt. NIHR Doctoral Fellowship. NIHR.

2021-2024.  Improving the evaluation of mental health digital health interventions in randomised

controlled trials by understanding and incorporating user engagement. NIHR Doctoral fellowship. Jack Elkes.  NIHR TCC

2020-2023.  Accessible statistical methods to determine treatments effects that matter to patients. NIHR Advanced fellowship. Dr Suzie Cro. NIHR TCC

2020-2022.  NIHR Pre-doctoral fellowship (Eleanor Van Vogt).  NIHR TCC

2019-2020. Mr Giles Partington. NIHR Reserach Training Methods Fellowship.

2018-2021. Improving the monitoring and analysis of harm outcomes in phase II and III pharmacology trials to facilitate early detection of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Ms Rachel Phillips. NIHR Doctoral Fellowship.

2018 - 2020. Ms Anca Chis Ster. NIHR Reserach Training Methods Fellowship. 

2018 - 2020. Dr Maeve Kelleher. NIHR Translational Fellowship.

2016 – 2021. EFFIP (E-support for Families and Friends of Individuals affected byPsychosis): A randomised controlled trial of a co-produced online intervention for carers. Dr Jacqueline  Sin. NIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship.

2015 – 2020. Development and testing of predictive risk stratification models for anxiety and psychological distress at one-year post-chemotherapy in women with breast cancer. Ms Jenny  Harris.

2014 – 2017. Understanding why girls from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds are less likely to receive the HPV vaccine: developing and testing a complex psychological intervention to increase uptake. Dr Alice Forster. CRUK Postdoctoral Fellowship.

2014 – 2017. Cognitive Orientation to Occupational Performance Intervention with Paediatric Dystonic Movement Disorders. Ms Hortensia Gimeno. NIHR Doctoral Fellowship.


Induction of labour for predicted macrosomia. (The Big Baby Trial) Data Monitoring Committee (Chair). NIHR HTA 

Research into Antipsychotic Discontinuation and Reduction (RADAR) randomised controlled trial. Data Monitoring Committee (Chair). CI Dr Joanna Moncrieff (UCL). NIHR PGfAR.

Autologous Stem cell Transplantation In refractory Crohn’s disease - Low Intensity Therapy Evaluation. (ASTIClite) Data Monitoring Committee.  CI Dr James Lindsay. NIHR EME.

The Antidepressant Advisor: A Decision Support System for UK primary care-a feasibility study. Trial Steering Commitee. CI Dr Roland Zahn. NIHR RfPB. 

Problem solving therapy for depression in older adults with Dementia. (PATHFINDER). Trial Steering Commitee. CI Professor Robert Howard, UCL. NIHR HTA.

Advancing theory and treatment approaches for males in substance misuse treatment who perpetrate intimate partner violence (ADVANCE). Programme Steering Committee.  CI Dr Gail Gilchrist (KCL). NIHR PGfAR.

Research Staff