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I am a PhD student in the arbovirus group in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology. My main research focuses are on the impact of climate on the spread of dengue virus, and characterising the spatiotemporal variability of the force of infection of arboviruses in Brazil. My supervisors are Dr Ilaria Dorigatti, Professor Samir Bhatt and Dr Nuno Faria.


Prior to the PhD programme, I completed an MRes in Epidemiology, Evolution and Control of Infectious Diseases in the department. My first rotation project was comparing the use of catalytic and mixture models to estimate the force of infection of dengue virus from serological data, with Dr Ilaria Dorigatti, Dr Natsuko Imai and Megan O'Driscoll. My second rotation was with Dr Marga Pons-Salort, investigating the spatiotemporal dynamics of hand-foot-and-mouth disease across Malaysia. Before the MRes I worked as a research assistant in the malaria group, looking at the cost-effectiveness of different malaria interventions.

For my undergraduate degree I studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford, where I first became interested in genetics and immunology and their applications to public health. 


Outside of research I am a STEM ambassador in the London STEM Learning programme.



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Cox V, O'Driscoll M, Imai N, et al., 2022, Estimating dengue transmission intensity from serological data: a comparative analysis using mixture and catalytic models., Plos Neglected Tropical Diseases, Vol:16, ISSN:1935-2727, Pages:e0010592-e0010592

Garcia-Moreno M, Noerenberg M, Ni S, et al., 2019, System-wide Profiling of RNA-Binding Proteins Uncovers Key Regulators of Virus Infection, Molecular Cell, Vol:74, ISSN:1097-2765, Pages:196-+

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