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Hoare V, 2020, Land-Based Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Does the way we get there impact the dynamic between climate change and the SDGs

The impacts of climate change are unequally distributed;those most vulnerable to climate change are often those lessable to tackle it. The Paris Agreement and the sustainabledevelopment goals (SDGs) are two initiatives designed tohelp bridge this gap. However, climate change mitigationpolicies can also create indirect and complex social andinequality impacts. Ultimately these policies and SDGs canhave both positive and negative co-impacts, which can becompounded in large and complex sectors, such as land.With land management playing such a critical role towardsclimate change mitigation it is important to understand thecurrent pathways taken to create climate change mitigationpolicies. In order to understand the variability betweencountries’ policy creation for the land-sector, and how thisimpacts the relationship with the UN’s SDGs, a scopingreview was conducted, asking “how does land sectorresearch and knowledge get successfully translated intopolicy?”. The search provided 2805 primary papers. Afterscreening three stages of screening there were only 6 papersthat could have data extracted. All the final studies usedstakeholder input to foster positive relationships andhighlighted the importance of the transfer of accessibleinformation; there needed to be an element of co-learning,with a reward for their time. When there was a mutualbenefit in participating it saw long term success in theclimate mitigation policy, whilst providing community,education and co-management. Ultimately, understandingthese policy processes is vital when trying to balanceclimate change mitigation with the SDGs; when the policydevelopment process is better understood, it can be tailoredto account for poverty alleviation, the protection of life onland and more.


Woods J, Hoare V, 2020, Comprehending Climate Complexities: The Global and European Calculators are tools that can be used for both exploring the future of our climate and working out what can be done about it., GEOExPro

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