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Vito Tagarielli graduated cum laude in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari (Italy) in 2001. After a teaching experience in a technical high school, he studied for a PhD in Materials and Solid Mechanics at the University of Cambridge (Centre for Micromechanics), graduating in 2005 with a thesis on the blast and impact response of composite sandwich structures. Then, as a Research Associate, he worked at fluid-structure interaction during blast events and at aspects of plastic deformation of metals at the micron scale.

In 2008 Vito joined the Solid Mechanics Group at the University of Oxford as a Departmental Lecturer in Composite Materials. In Oxford he worked at different research projects on fluid-structure interaction and on deformation and fracture of engineering materials (including composites, ceramics, metallic alloys and cellular solids) at high rates of strain.

Vito joined the Department of Aeronautics at Imperial in October 2011 as a member of the academic staff. His research interests include: Impact, blast, fluid-structure interaction; Loading induced in deflagration events; Electro-mechanics of conductive CNT-polymer composites; Viscoelasticity and strength of fibre-reinforced composites; Experimental techniques in solid mechanics; Micromechanics and constitutive modeling of engineering materials; Applications of machine learning, information theory and data analytics to the mechanics of solids.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Tagarielli V, Matos MAS, Pinho S, et al., 2018, Predictions of the electro-mechanical response of conductive CNT-polymer composites, Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, Vol:114, ISSN:0022-5096, Pages:84-96

Tagarielli V, gauch HL, montomoli F, 2018, The response of an elastic-plastic clamped beam to transverse pressure loading, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol:112, ISSN:0734-743X, Pages:30-40

Pathan MV, Patsias S, Rongong J, et al., 2017, Measurements and predictions of the viscoelastic properties of a composite lamina and their sensitivity to temperature and frequency, Composites Science and Technology, Vol:149, ISSN:0266-3538, Pages:207-219

Schiffer A, Tagarielli VL, 2015, Predictions of the interlaminar tensile failure of a carbon/epoxy composite laminate, Composite Structures, Vol:133, ISSN:1879-1085, Pages:997-1008

Pellegrino A, Tagarielli VL, Gerlach R, et al., 2014, The mechanical response of a syntactic polyurethane foam at low and high rates of strain, International Journal of Impact Engineering, Vol:75, ISSN:1879-3509, Pages:214-221

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Tagarielli VL, Minisgallo G, McMillan AJ, et al., 2010, The response of a multi-directional composite laminate to through-thickness loading, Composites Science and Technology, Vol:70, Pages:1950-1957

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