Imperial College London

Vanessa Madu

Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Mathematics

Research Postgraduate







Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





Vanessa Madu is a PhD student on the EPSRC CDT in Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning at Imperial College London and Oxford University. She is interested in integrating techniques from machine learning, time series, and spatial statistics with physics-inspired models, with an application focus on the ocean, climate, and environmental sciences. Vanessa is doing her PhD under the supervision of Dr Adam Sykulski.

Vanessa is also a talented science communicator and has received several awards for her unique, innovative, and successful approaches to making science accessible to general and young audiences. She has also initiated several projects aimed at enhancing diversity within her field, driven by the vision that everyone should be able to enjoy and understand science, regardless of their background.

Science Communication

Vanessa thoroughly enjoys talking/writing/drawing/rhyming about science for general audiences and uses at least one rubber duck to do this wherever possible. Some of her work includes:

Availability/Speaker Requests

I love talking about science, so I am always thrilled to receive invitations to speak at events; however, I am actively doing research, meaning I am busy, so I will only consider requests I receive at least six weeks in advance! 

I work very hard to deliver the highest quality science engagement activities that I can, and in return, I ask that your requests respect my time and its value.