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Faculty of Natural SciencesDepartment of Physics

Solar Orbiter MAG Calibration Engineer







6m68Huxley BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





I work as Solar Orbiter MAG calibration engineer at the Space Magnetometer Laboratory. The magnetic field data collected by our instrument is disturbed by the operations of the spacecraft, thus I determine and monitor the actual induced magnetic background at the magnetometer sensors to remove it with the calibration algorithm me and my team are developing. 

Previously, I worked as JUICE JMAG Space Instrument Engineer. I built and tested the magnetometer of JUICE analyzing both the hardware and software sides of it. My tasks included ensuring that it complied with ECSS specifications, inspecting its mechanical and electrical components and then completing inspection reports to provide full documentation which allows to trace modifications or errors of all parts.

I have a BSc and MSc in Aerospace Engineering from University of Bologna (Italy), both with top score (110/110 cum laude).
During my master’s thesis project at Imperial College London as a visiting student, I developed a library in MATLAB to assess the in-flight calibration plan for JMAG to determine the offset of the instrument. In doing so, I have successfully contributed to the definition of the optimal occurrence of a calibration campaign along the trajectory of the spacecraft, satisfying the operational requirements set by ESA.
My bachelor’s thesis focused on the determination of the non-gravitational acceleration (drag force) experienced by Cassini along its orbits due to the plumes on Enceladus, one of the moons of Saturn.