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Professor in Hydrology and Water Resources



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Research interests

  • Water resources and environmental change
  • Hydrological simulation and prediction
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Hydrological monitoring, participatory approaches, and citizens science
  • Decision support and the science - policy interface

Research Grants

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Active grants

  • 2019 - 2022: Water security and climate change adaptation in Peruvian glacier-fed river basins (RAHU). NERC / CONCYTEC Peru (£950k). Lead PI (jointly with Dr Pedro Rau, UTEC Peru).
  • 2019 - 2021: Understanding and managing the risk of water related diseases under hydrometeorological extremes. NERC / Malaysian Ministry of Education (£500k). Lead PI (jointly with Dr Zed Zulkafli, Universiti Putra Malaysia).
  • 2019 - 2021: Philippines Groundwater Outlook (PhiGO). NERC / Philippine Council for Industry, Energy & Emerging Technology Research & Development. (£500k). Co-I (Led by Dr Andrew Barkwith, BGS).
  • 2018 - 2022:How do the Páramos store water? The role of plants and people. NERC (£1.1M). Co-PI (Led by France Gerard, CEH).
  • 2018 - 2022: SHEAR Studentship Cohort. NERC (£1.6M). Lead PI
  • 2018 - 2022: Green Infrastructure for Water Security. USAID (US$ 15M). Co-PI (led by Forest Trends)
  • 2018 - 2022: Pathways to equitable cities. Wellcome Trust (£4M). Co-I (led by Majid Ezzati, Imperial College London).
  • 2018 - 2022: Transforming Water, weather, and climate information through In situ observations for Geo-services in Africa (TWIGA). EU-H2020 (€ 5M). Co-PI (led by Nick van de Giesen, TUDelft).
  • 2016 - 2021: Citizen science for landslide risk reduction and disaster resilience building in mountain regions. UK NERC/DFID (£2M). Lead Principal Investigator.

PAST grants

For a full list of past research grants refer to our group website

PhD Students

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Current students

  • Alison Prior
  • Will Veness
  • Anna Twomlow
  • Neeraj Sah
  • Charles Zogheib

Past students

  • 2020: Hsi-Kai Chou
  • 2020: Simon De Stercke
  • 2019: Boris Ochoa-Tocachi
  • 2018: Peter Blair
  • 2018: Sam Grainger
  • 2018: Tilashwork Chanie
  • 2016: Manz, Bastian. Evaluation and Advancement of Satellite Precipitation Estimation over the Tropical Andes
  • 2016: O'Keeffe, Jimmy. Development of hydro-economic models to support water resources management in the Ganga Basin in a poverty alleviation context
  • 2016: Moulds, Simon. Mapping the vulnerability of water resources under environmental change: case studies in Peru and India
  • 2016: Liu, Xi. Integrated modelling and performance analysis of Blue Green technologies in urban environments
  • 2015: Vitolo, Claudia. Environmental Models as Web Services.
  • 2015: Tsarouchi, Gina. Development of a Distributed Catchment Hydrological Model and Assessing the Impacts of Land Use Changes on Flooding in the Ganges Basin
  • 2014: Almeida, Susana. Predicting River Flows in Ungauged Catchments for Flood and Drought Applications
  • 2014: Zulkafli, Zed. The hydrology of the Peruvian Amazon River and its sensitivity to climate change
  • 2013: Bergin (Ward), Emma. Statistical Downscaling for Hydrological Applications in the Tropical Andes