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AB - A number of possible options have been proposed for the encapsulation and immobilisation of long lived actinide (Act) fractions in nuclear waste. Current research on the fabrication of dense, durable crystalline matrices for the safe disposal of fissile plutonium is presented here. In this work three candidate ceramic matrices were investigated: a defect fluorite-structured cubic zirconia, (Zr0.85Y0.15O1.93)0.9(CeO 2)0.1; a pyrochlore, Gd2Zr 1.60Ce0.20Hf0.20O7; and a zirconolite, (Ca0.90Gd0.10)(Zr0.50Ce 0.20Hf0.20Gd0.10)Ti2O7. Homogeneous blends of the ceramic matrix formers and neutron absorbers (gadolinium and hafnium) were produced using a wet milling stage. A dry stage was employed to mix the CeO2 plutonium surrogate with the ceramic matrix formers, analogous to that anticipated for the fabrication of real wasteforms using PuO2. The aim of this study was to compile a matrix of data to enable comparison of the relative merits and drawbacks of various processing routes for each candidate wasteform. An experimental matrix was constructed to investigate the density, phase morphology and microstructure as a function of sintering temperature, time, and consolidation technique, for each target composition. Phase assemblage was examined using X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) and the phase morphology by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).
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