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William Hicks is a DfT / NERC funded PhD student with case industrial partner support from Robert Bosch Ltd, developing non-exhaust vehicle emissions' inventories and assessing the future impact of hybrid and electric vehicles.

My research uses atmospheric measurements to quantify non-exhaust PM emissions (e.g. from brake wear, tyre wear, and resuspension) in the urban environment. This is achieved by undertaking a range of gaseous and particulate measurements in London, Birmingham and Manchester. The chemical and physical composition of the measured aerosols are assessed using source apportionment and non-exhaust elemental tracers. A CO2 dilution approach is used to determine the non-exhaust emission factors.  

I am also assessing the impacts that electric vehicles will have on future urban air quality. For example, the use of different types of powertrain brake simulation data are used to assess the influence of regenerative braking on PM emissions.     

My PhD is supervised by Dr Sean Beevers and Dr David Green



Fussell JC, Franklin M, Green DC, et al., 2022, A Review of road traffic-derived non-exhaust particles: emissions, physicochemical characteristics, health risks, and mitigation measures., Environmental Science and Technology (washington), Vol:56, ISSN:0013-936X

Hicks W, Beevers S, Tremper A, et al., 2021, Quantification of non-exhaust particulate matter traffic emissions and the impact of COVID-19 lockdown at London Marylebone Road, Atmosphere, Vol:12, ISSN:2073-4433, Pages:1-19

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