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I graduated from School of Public Health, Xi'an Medical University in 1990.  I continued my studies leading to Master's and Ph.D. degrees on Cancer Epidemiology and Genetic Epidemiology in China afterwards.  I am very interested in reseaches into causes of diseases, which may provide people with information to prevent them from getting certain diseases. Over the last decade, I participated in statistical genetics methodological development and relevant studies. Recently my research has focused on genetic variants and their relation with human diseases and phenotypes.   I joined Imperial in 2007.  It is my pleasure and privilege to work with excellent researchers and staff in the Department. Most of my current work involves performing genetic data analysis to facilitate finding genes associated with cardiovascular disease and other common diseases and phenotypes.



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Loh M, Zhang W, Ng HK, et al., 2022, Identification of genetic effects underlying Type 2 Diabetes in South Asian and European populations, Communications Biology, Vol:5, ISSN:2399-3642

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