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Will Veness

Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Assistant







Skempton BuildingSouth Kensington Campus





2022 Publication: Localizing Hydrological Drought Early Warning Using In Situ Groundwater Sensors

PhD research candidate under supervisors Prof Wouter Buytaert and Prof Adrian Butler, in collaboration with NGO Concern Worldwide.

Title of Research: "Integrating monitoring networks for sustainable water resources management" with a focus on drought and water resource management in Somaliland and broader Sub-Saharan Africa using modern groundwater sensors. The project investigates the feasibility and utility of cost-effective groundwater monitoring systems in better informing drought and water resource management for proactive action by governments, NGOs and communities.

Outline: There is global consensus among scientists and policy makers that the scarcity of quantitative, high-resolution water monitoring is one of the most fundamental bottlenecks to sustainable water resource management (WRM). Yet, despite its clear economic and societal value, most of the world remains acutely data scarce. This is especially true of Sub-Saharan Africa, where monitoring systems have persistently failed to scale due to complex implementation challenges and underinvestment.

However, improving monitoring technologies, increasing institutional capacities and international investment significantly advance the feasibility of collecting these data and integrating them into decision making systems. In this study, therefore, mixed-methods research assesses how these systems can now sustainably scale whilst maximising their value to users.