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My research interests centre around landscape ecology and conservation, with a specific focus on macroecology and ecosystem processes. I am researching to improve our understanding of how different ecosystem processes are maintained at equilibrium and may be affected by climate change and anthropogenic disturbance.

I currently work within the Community and Landscape Ecology (CaLE) Lab led by Dr Cristina Banks-Leite. Here, my research involves assessing the impacts of large-scale restoration on biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil and explores potential species and communities with higher sensitivity.

For more information on my current group and research please check the CaLE Lab group website.


  • Zhang, X., Peck, L. D., Flood, J., Ryan, M. J. & Barraclough, T. G. (2023) Temperature contributes to host specialization of coffee wilt disease (Fusarium xylarioides) on arabica and robusta coffee crops. Scientific Reports. 13 (1), 9327. Open access link