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Chair in Probability and Stochastic Analysis



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 I am a mathematician, working in the intersection of Probability, Analysis, and Differential Geometry. I have always been interested in the evolution of physical quantities approximated by solutions of differential equations, with special interests in the intrinsic geometry of stochastic (random) processes and lately use this understanding for complexity reduction and for multi scale and asymptotic analysis. The statistical properties of those stochastic processes can be described by second order differential operators and  parabolic equations. I work also on gradient and Hessian estimates for the solutions of the latter. Currently I am also drawn to perturbation models, homogenisation problems, slow/fast systems, and applied mathematical models. See LIST OF PUBLICATIONS. The List of Publication by Topics might be more informative.  Recent preprints can be found on-arXiv.

 Before joining Imperial, I was professor at the University of Warwick and also worked in the United States (in the University of Connecticut, first as an assistant professor and then tenured and an associate professor),  at MSRI Berkeley (as an NSF funded MSRI research Fellow) and in Germany (at the University of Boon and the University of Bochum as an Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow).  While at the Connecticut, I obtained consecutively three standard NSF grants (funded by  the Probability Program and by the Geometric Analysis Program).  I was a Royal Society Senior Leverhulme Research Fellow and a visiting professor to a number of universities / institutions. 

I began to study mathematics at Hebei University at the age of 15. Upon graduation I took up the teaching profession, teaching in a senior high school.  Later I entered the graduate school at Xian Jiaotong University, during which period I was  awarded a full scholarship from the Sino-British Friendship Scholarship Scheme for studying in the U.K..   After a short training at the Beijing Language Institute, studying English, I came to England and studied at the Mathematics Institute at the University of Warwick. My personal webpage can be found   here

  •  Currently,   I am a co-investigator of the EPSRC grant EP/S023925/1. The grant supports  a Doctoral Training Centre in Mathematics of Random Systems.
  • Recently, I gave a plenary lecture at the 9th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians.
  • I like to promote public awareness of  science and mathematics and support young and under presented groups in science and technology. I gave a number of talks in public events for women in mathematics as well as  events for undergraduates/postgraduate students.

Research Books:` The Geometry fo Filtering',  Lecture Notes in Maths,`On the geometry of diffusion operators and stochastic flows', Birkhauser. Both books are written in collaboration with Y. LeJan and K. D. Elworthy.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Li X-M, 2018, Perturbation of Conservation Laws and Averaging on Manifolds, Computation and Combinatories in Dynamics, Stochastic and Control, the Abel Symposium, Rosendal, Norway, August 2016

Li X-M, 2018, Homogenisation on homogeneous spaces, Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan, Vol:70, Number 2, 519-572, ISSN:0025-5645

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Li X-M, Hessian formulas and estimates for parabolic Schrödinger operators


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