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Yasmin Andrew is the Student Liaison Officer in the Department of Physics, Imperial College London.  She received a BSc.(Hons) in Pure and Applied Physics from UMIST, a PhD in Physics from Imperial College London and a PGCE (Physics) from MMU. She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Yasmin is currently working on the JET, MAST and DIII-D tokamaks in the areas of the L-H transition, H-mode pedestal studies, dust, divertor and scrape-off layer impurity transport and core plasma transient impurity events.

After spending two years as a Research Associate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison working on low temperature plasma physics, Yasmin joined UKAEA as a physicist on the Joint European Torus (JET) fusion experiment.  Her research interests included charge exchange spectroscopy, toroidal and poloidal velocities. radial electric field and their role in the physics of the low to high confinement mode (L-H mode) transition in magnetically confined plasmas.  During her time at JET she supervised PhD student research projects and was on Ghent University’s Department of Applied Physics PhD committee.  She was also co-director of the Culham Plasma Physics Summer School, for postgraduate physics students, for three years. 

Yasmin taught in and headed the Physics Department in a large sixth form college, where she was an Ogden Trust Teaching Fellow, for six years.  She co-ordinated the Manchester and Salford Ogden Partnership as part of her role.  Yasmin has received partnership grants from the Royal Society, the Institute of Physics (IoP) and the Ogden Trust for post-16 inquiry based physics education. She was part of the 2015 UK delegation presenting to the Science on Stage Festival, ‘Illuminating Science Education’.  In addition, she has delivered subject knowledge and teaching & learning CPD courses for physics teachers from across the UK for the Ogden Trust and the Science Learning Partnership.

Yasmin has acted as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer for the IoP Energy Management Group and Manchester and District IoP Branch.  She was a member of the UK delegation to the first International Union of Pure and Applied Physics’ Conference on Women in Physics.  She has chaired a series of ‘Engaging Girls in Physics’ Ogden Trust and IoP workshops.  Yasmin has also been a member of the External Advisory Panel for the University of Manchester’s Department of Physics.



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