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Blackett LaboratorySouth Kensington Campus





Yasmin Andrew is the Student Liaison Officer in the Department of Physics, Imperial College London.  She is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Yasmin is currently working on the JET, MAST-U, DIII-D and ST40 tokamaks in the areas of the L-H transition, H-mode pedestal studies, dust, divertor and scrape-off layer impurity transport and core plasma transient impurity events.



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Cowley C, Fuller P, Andrew Y, et al., 2020, Robust impurity detection and tracking for tokamaks, Physical Review E, Vol:102, ISSN:2470-0045

Holgate JT, Simons L, Andrew Y, et al., 2019, Spontaneous rapid rotation and breakup of metal droplets in tokamak edge plasmas, Epl (europhysics Letters), Vol:127, Pages:45004-45004

Andrew Y, Bähner J-P, Battle R, et al., 2019, H-Mode Power Threshold Studies on MAST, Plasma, Vol:2, Pages:328-338

Andrew Y, Kearns F, Mustafa T, et al., 2015, Non-linear dependence of the height of a chain fountain on drop height, Physics Education, Vol:50, ISSN:0031-9120, Pages:564-567

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