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Welcome to my webpage.

My role in the Department of Primary Care and Public Health is versatile and enables me to contribute to and engage with research, teaching, supervision and external collaborations.


Within the remit of my home discipline, medical sociology, lie the principal concerns of patient care and public health. Through my research, my aim is to contribute to the planning and delivery of improved, more accessible and responsive care to patients in the UK and internationally.

My current research encompasses four main workstreams: a) creating an evidence base for the effcetive and safe use of eHealth interventions; b) analysing patient-professional interaction in all healthcare settings but primarily during technologically-mediated sessions; c) delivering care closer to home; d) evaluating an integrated care initiative for for people with diabetes and those over 75 years of age in Northwest London.

I strive to understand how health technologies might be effectively integrated in healthcare to serve the public, the professionals and the organisations equally. Currently, I am leading several systematic reviews on computer-assisted history taking, telephone consultations, e-mail consultations, automated telephone communication systems and clinical decision support systems with the aim to create an evidence base which will enable the effective implementation of such systems in the mainstream of healthcare.

Apart from the effective implementation of eHealth solutions, my current research interests include patient-professional interaction in all healthcare settings but primarily during real-time telemedicine sessions. 

In collaboration with the Department of Surgery and Cancer, we are evaluating the use of innovative simulation tools such as the ventriloscope in general practice training. Recent research has shown that simulation techniques facilitate time and cost effective training. However, there is currently very limited research in the UK and internationally exploring the use of simulation methods in the training of general practitioners

I have previously worked as an ethnographer for an ESRC project at the University of Warwick that investigated the process of radicalisation in Britain and in Europe. I have worked as a systematic reviewer in the MATCH3 project that investigated the needs of end-users of medical technologies and held honorary research associate contracts with three NHS Trusts, where I worked with several patients and professionals to understand the social and organisational dynamics of teleconsultations in relation to traditional encounters.


I teach modules in the Masters in Public Health as well as a series of seminars on eHealth Implementation at the undergraduate course in Medicine.

I have taught several modules in sociology and psychology including: qualitative research methods, sociology as applied to health, doctor-patient communication,  cultures of consumption, social stratification and class, biological, abnormal and cognitive psychology, statistics for the behavioural sciences. I have also taught a range of seminars on social sciences methodology (ethnography, grounded theory, ethnomethodology etc.).


A particularly enjoyable aspect of my work is academic supervision. I am currently supervising an NIHR Fellow and three PhD students:

- Dr Monal Wadhera's NIHR fellowship project on the use of simulation techniques in primary care.

- Helen Atherton's PhD thesis on email communication between patients and healthcare professionals.

- Aimely Lee's PhD thesis on shifting diabetes care closer to patients' home.

- Bola Akinwale's PhD thesis on a life course study of multiple roles and their health consequences in later life (Mentor).

- I also supervise the academic projects of several honorary staff, ST4 doctors, exchange and Erasmus students. 

I am always happy to discuss about potential supervision mainly in the areas of qualitative research, evidence synthesis and professional-patient communication without excluding other areas of research.

My work in the NHS

As Head of Education with NHS Hammersmith and Fulham, I lead the design, development, planning and management of programmes, courses and interventions aimed at improving the quality of primary health care provision. I was also responsible for the analysis of education needs for primary care professionals in the Northwest London. My approach integrated findings from empirical analysis and surveys with data resulting from payment-by-result indicators in local practices.

On a lighter note

Prior to my academic career, I had a short but quite memorable (at least to me!) career in football. Nowadays, I enjoy playing all sports, particularly those that involve a ball and/or a racket.

I am a devoted fan of the philosopher, author and poet Nikos Kazantzakis (The Last Temptation of Christ, Salvatores Dei, Report to Greco etc.) and I enjoy reading David Hume and Dante.



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