Imperial College London


Faculty of EngineeringDepartment of Earth Science & Engineering

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Royal School of MinesSouth Kensington Campus






2020-present PhD student, Resource Geophysics Academy, IC, UK

2019-2020 Researcher, Electric Power Research Institute, China

2017-2019 M.Eng, Department of Electrical Engieering, Tsinghua University, China

2013-2017 B.Eng, School of Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University, China



Yu Y, Cilliers J, Hadler K, et al., 2023, The motion of small particles in electrostatic travelling waves for transport and separation, Powder Technology, Vol:425, ISSN:0032-5910, Pages:1-16

Yu Y, Cilliers J, Hadler K, et al., 2022, A review of particle transport and separation by electrostatic traveling wave methods, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol:119, ISSN:0304-3886, Pages:1-16

Yu Y, Luo Y, 2019, Inductance calculations for non‐coaxial Bitter coils with rectangular cross‐section using inverse Mellin transform, Iet Electric Power Applications, Vol:13, ISSN:1751-8660, Pages:119-125

Luo Y, Zhu Y, Yu Y, et al., 2018, Inductance and force calculations of circular coils with parallel axes shielded by a cuboid of high permeability, Iet Electric Power Applications, Vol:12, ISSN:1751-8660, Pages:717-727


Jing Y, Zhuo R, Fu M, et al., 2020, AC Breakdown Characteristic Investigation and Analysis of Several TiO2 Nano-modified Insulation Fluids, 2020 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application (ICHVE), IEEE

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