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Yu Y, Cilliers J, Hadler K, Starr S, Wang Yet al., 2022, A review of particle transport and separation by electrostatic traveling wave methods, Journal of Electrostatics, Vol: 119, Pages: 1-16, ISSN: 0304-3886

The controlled movement of dry particles using non-mechanical means is desirable in a number of different applications, including solar panel dust mitigation, toner particle motion and in the handling and beneficiation of regolith for In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). The electric curtain, the electrostatic traveling wave (ETW) and the electro-dynamic screen (EDS) are examples of techniques that can transport and separate particles with no moving parts nor fluid medium. This review paper brings together the research carried out on these techniques.We provide a comprehensive review on the particle movement mechanisms and the development and application of ETW methods, featuring a diverse range of hardware and circuitry, particulate material and process objectives. We focus on the evaluation of experimental development in the area of dust mitigation, particle transport and ISRU processes. We also detail the current knowledge about theory and modelling methods. Moreover, we provide a guide for possible improvement of the effectiveness of ETW devices, by outlining the limitations in application, theoretical understanding and potential research aspects.

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Jing Y, Zhuo R, Fu M, Liao J, Huang Z, Luo Y, Zhu W, Yu Yet al., 2020, AC Breakdown Characteristic Investigation and Analysis of Several TiO2 Nano-modified Insulation Fluids, 2020 IEEE International Conference on High Voltage Engineering and Application (ICHVE), Publisher: IEEE

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Yu Y, Luo Y, 2019, Inductance calculations for non‐coaxial Bitter coils with rectangular cross‐section using inverse Mellin transform, IET Electric Power Applications, Vol: 13, Pages: 119-125, ISSN: 1751-8660

Recently, the mutual inductance between Bitter coils with rectangular cross‐section has been calculated through Bessel function approach or figured out with analytical and semi‐analytical formulas. In this study, using the inverse Mellin transform, relevant Bessel integrals will be continued analytically to the complex plane, and then by virtue of contour deformation and residue theorem, they can be expanded to the series containing the hypergeometric functions. In addition, the results obtained by this method are compared with those by finite element method software. Also, the presented approach shows great advantages of high accuracy and very short computational time.

Journal article

Luo Y, Zhu Y, Yu Y, Zhang Let al., 2018, Inductance and force calculations of circular coils with parallel axes shielded by a cuboid of high permeability, IET Electric Power Applications, Vol: 12, Pages: 717-727, ISSN: 1751-8660

A detailed analysis is presented for a boundary value problem of circular coils with parallel axes shielded by a cuboid of high permeability. Field solutions are given by establishing a suitable ansatz of the magnetic scalar potential, which can satisfy the boundary conditions on six surfaces of the cuboid without difficulty. Analytic expressions are also given for the self and mutual inductance of shielded circular coils with rectangular cross section. By differentiating the self‐ and mutual magnetic energy with respect to the centre coordinates of the shielded coils, the total forces exerted on them are further obtained, which consist of self and mutual force components. Finally, the numerical results of the proposed method are compared with those of the finite‐element method simulations, and the proposed method proves to be accurate and efficient enough for practical applications.

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