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Yasser completed his PhD in Innovation and MSc in Entrepreneurship from University of Oxford's Said Business School and Green Templeton College. His research interests are in innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategy with focus on innovation under constraints, the localisation and globalisation of innovation, and the role of emerging market economies and situated actors such as social entrepreneurs in emerging trends in innovation, particularly frugal innovation for healthcare. He studies these phenomenons through the lens of institutional theory and resource theories (RBV and RDT). He also has an interest in regional clusters and scenarios and futures.


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Harris M, Bhatti Y, Buckley J, et al., 2020, Fast and frugal innovations in response to COVID19 pandemic, Nature Medicine, Vol:26, ISSN:1078-8956, Pages:814-817

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Prime M, Attaelmanan I, Imbuldeniya A, et al., 2018, From Malawi to Middlesex – The case of the Arbutus Drill Cover System as an example of the cost saving potential of frugal innovations for the UK NHS, Bmj Innovations, Vol:4, ISSN:2055-642X, Pages:103-110

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