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Yatish is an Advanced Research Fellow in the Mechanics of Materials group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Having trained as a physicist before moving to engineering, His research is based around developing engineering solutions centred around scientific understanding.

He was awarded a PhD in 2008 which was focused on understanding the mechanical properties of polymers in extreme conditions. In 2012 he returned to the Department and join the Electrochemical Science and Engineering Group researching lithium ion batteries.

His research portfolio focuses on understanding battery degradation mechanisms, failure modes and the limits of operation of batteries and the impact these have on system design, control and safety.  

His current research interests include: 

- Safety

-Thermal management

- Diagnostics

- Modelling

- Pack Design

Yatish teaches the batteries module as part of the Automotive Design with Motorsport course on the Mechanical Engineering MEng undergraduate degree program.



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