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Yatish is a Research Fellow in the Mechanics of Materials group in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Having trained as a physicist before moving to engineering, His research is based around developing engineering solutions centred around scientific understanding of lithium ion batteries. His research portfolio focuses on understanding degradation mechanisms, failure modes and the limits of operation of batteries and the impact these have on system design and control.  

His current research interests include:

  • Battery safety
  • Mechanical testing of batteries
  • Thermal management
  • Battery diagnostics
  • Battery modelling
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery pack design
  • Emerging battery technologies



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Skamniotis C, Patel Y, Elliott M, et al., 2018, Toughening and stiffening of starch food extrudates through the addition of cellulose fibres and minerals, Food Hydrocolloids, Vol:84, ISSN:0268-005X, Pages:515-528

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