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Yilun obtained his BEng degree in Mechanical Design from School of Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, China. Prior to entering Imperial, he finished a two-year MEng project related to mesh generation for finite element analysis at State Key Laboratory of Integrated Automation of Process Industry, Northeastern University.  In 2011, he received his MSc degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College London. In 2015, he received his PhD degree in Mechanics of Materials and Tribology, with the research project on the multi-scale modelling of indentation and conact damage, which is supervised by Prof. Daniele Dini and Prof. Daniel Balint. From November 2015 to November 2016, he worked as an Experienced Researcher  on the research project that predicts the surface crack behaviour under rolling contact fatigue, which sponsored by Marie Curie Funding and SKF B.V with Dr. Amir Kadirik. From November 2016 to July 2018, he wored as a Research Associate on the research project that solves the microstucture-sensitive sliding and fretting problem using a multi-scale coupling method, which was sponsored by EPSRC with Prof. Daniele Dini. Since August 208, he has been working as a Research Associate on the projects of multi-scale experiments and modelling crystalline materials' bevhavior under multi-physics fields, which was sponsored by Rolls-Royce and EPSRC with Prof. Fionn Dunne.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Xu Y, Balint D, Greiner C, et al., On the origin of plasticity-induced microstructure change under sliding contacts, Friction, ISSN:2223-7704

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