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Research Papers

Financial Liberalisation and House Prices: Evidence from China (Job Market Paper)

Abstract: I investigate whether financial liberalisation can causally impact the Chinese real estate market with the 2008 US financial crisis providing exogenous variation in credit supply. Using the cross-sectional variation in foreign banks' establishment and asset value, I document that cities with a higher level of financial openness have more volatile property price movements. I also show that the growth drops in the property price in 2008 are larger for cities with higher withdrawal or exit rates of overseas banks. The evidence suggests a credit supply channel. Further analyses show that the negative effect of financial liberalisation on the house price growth rate is more pronounced for more geographically constrained cities.

Media Content and Sovereign Credit Risk (with Lara Cathcart, Nina Gotthelf and Matthias Uhl)

Excess Co-Movement in Credit Default Swap Markets: Evidence from the CDX Indices (with Lara Cathcart, Lina El-Jahel and Leo Evans) Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Financial Markets

Reserach Papers in Progress

Systemic Risk, Credit Default Swaps and Bailout Guarantees (with Enrico Biffis and Pasquale Della Court)

The Impacts of News and Investor Attention in the Credit Default Swap and Equity Markets (with Lara Cathcart and Lina El-Jahel)