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Dr. Yiqun HAN is a postdoc research associate in the Environmental Research Group. With the background of medicine and environmental science, Yiqun’s research lie on the interdisciplinary area of environmental epidemiology, focus on the effect of air pollution exposure to human health. Yiqun has participated as key investigator in multiple large panel/cohort studies of healthy and susceptible population (AIRLESS, SCOPE, COPD etc.).

Yiqun’s work focuses on the cutting-edge in the fields, including:

  • to apply statistical model in high-dimensional exposure and health dataset;
  • to apply novel sensor technologies in human-based studies to explore the underlying biological mechanisms;
  • to associated the changes in a wide range of biomarkers, including metabolome and transcriptome signatures, in responses to the exposure to air pollutants.

Additional roles

Professional membership: Steering Committee Member of International Society of Environmental Epidemiology Student and new researchers network (ISEE-SNRN), 2016-2018

Peer reviewer: Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Pollution, Science of the Total Environment, Journal Of Exposure Science And Environmental Epidemiology

Organizer of journal club in Environmental Research Group (ERG), Imperial


Key research projectS

  • Effects of AIR pollution on cardiopuLmonary disEaSe in urban and peri-urban reSidents in Beijing (AIRLESS) - 2016 onwards
  • A Prospective Study Comparing the Cardiometabolic and Respiratory Effects of Air Pollution Exposure on Healthy and Pre-diabetic Individuals (SCOPE)  - 2012-2016
  • Evaluation technology for the health risk of atmospheric fine particle. (China MOST 863 Project)  2008-2011.



Li J, Cai YS, Kelly FJ, et al., 2023, Landscape fire smoke enhances the association between fine particulate matter exposure and acute respiratory infection among children under 5 years of age: Findings of a case-crossover study for 48 low- and middle-income countries, Environment International, Vol:171, ISSN:0160-4120

Shi Y, Han Y, Wang Y, et al., 2021, Serum branched-chain amino acids modifies the associations between air pollutants and insulin resistance, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Vol:225, ISSN:0147-6513, Pages:1-8

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Gao K, Chen X, Li X, et al., 2021, Susceptibility of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to heart rate difference associated with the short-term exposure to metals in ambient fine particles: A panel study in Beijing, China, Science China-life Sciences, Vol:65, ISSN:1674-7305, Pages:387-397

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