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I am originally from Hong Kong and came to the UK for further education in late 90s. I gained a BSc (Hons) Pharmacology with Management with an extra mural year (Johnson & Johnson R & D, Janssen Pharmaceutica) at King's College London. During the final year of my undergraduate studies, I became interested in inflammation and related diseases.  I was lucky enough to be awarded a studentship & carried out my PhD research studies under the supervision of Dr. David Bishop-Bailey and Prof. Tim Warner, at William Harvey Research Institute, Barts and The London, Queen Mary, University of London. The title of my thesis is "The Farnesoid X Receptor as a Regulator of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Inflammation and Migration".

I worked as a contract-based Scientist at Pfizer UK during my writing-up period. After gaining my PhD in Pharmacology, I joined Dr. Stuart Cook's Molecular Cardiology group at MRC-CSC, Imperial College London, as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate.

In Summer 2010, I joined Department of Surgery & Cancer to take on the administrative and managing role of Sectional Laboratory Manager within Division of Cancer, Imperial College London. 

There was some restructuring within the Department few years later and I became the Divisional Laboratory Manager for both Division of Cancer and Division of Reproductive Biology. 

Following the Faculty of Medicine restructuring in 2019, I have been the Senior Laboratory Manager for Department of Surgery & Cancer. I currently lead a team of Laboratory Managers and Technicians/Research Officers to ensure the effective deployment of laboratory resources and services across the Division and the Department at various work sites and locations. 

Recognition Awards, Qualifications, Publications and Prizes:

Highly commended (Health & Safety Staff, Human Anatomy Unit) - Provost's Awards for Excellence in Health & Safety 2021.

Biosafety Practitioner (Level 1)


CIEH Level 3 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace

Imperial Leadership & Management Development Program (LMDP; accredited with the Chartered Management Institute, CMI, at level 5).

Springboard Women's Development Programme

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William Harvey Poster Prize (2006; QMUL).

London Vascular Biology Forum Poster Prize (The 12th Meeting 2005; KCL).


Joint Groups Strategy Away Day (Oral; 2009; London).

The 4th EMVBM meeting (Highlighted Poster; 2007; Bristol).

07 INYS on Cardiovascular Physiology & Mechanisms of Injury & Repair (Oral; Slovakia).

BPS (3 Posters; Spring 2005 in Cambridge and Winter 2006 in Oxford).

William Harvey Conference (Poster; 2006).

The 12th CLSS-UK (Oral; 2005; London).

The 12th LVBF Meeting (Poster; 2005; London).

Summer School on Endocrinology (Poster; 2005; Austria).