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I am currently an Associate Professor at Southeast University, China, and an Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London. My current research interests include the development and application of artificial intelligence techniques in power and energy systems modeling, analysis and control, and modeling and optimization of the economics of power system operation and planning.

My research addressed several major challenges and generated fundamentally novel insights, including the very challenging incorporation of time-coupling, network constraints, and non-convexities in electricity market optimization models, the extensive analysis of market power effects, and the relevant role of new flexible demand and energy storage technologies, and the development and application of novel game-theoretic and agent-based methodologies in smart energy system modeling and energy market modeling problems.

I have published over 50 papers in the most prestigious journals, reputable international conferences, and book chapters, including 1 monograph23 first-author/corresponding-author high-quality journal publications in Proceedings of the IEEE, IEEE Transactions, Applied Energy, with a combined Impact Factor of above 130, as well as 1 first-authored paper published in the world A-class AI conference IJCAI2020

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

Ye Y, Tang Y, Wang H, et al., 2021, A Scalable Privacy-Preserving Multi-agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Large-Scale Peer-to-Peer Transactive Energy Trading, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, ISSN:1949-3053, Pages:1-1

Ye Y, Qiu D, Sun M, et al., 2020, Deep reinforcement learning for strategic bidding in electricity markets, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol:11, ISSN:1949-3053, Pages:1343-1355

Ye Y, Qiu D, Wu X, et al., 2020, Model-Free Real-Time Autonomous Control for A Residential Multi-Energy System Using Deep Reinforcement Learning, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol:11, ISSN:1949-3053, Pages:3068-3068

Ye Y, Papadaskalopoulos D, Kazempour J, et al., 2020, Incorporating non-convex operating characteristics into bi-level optimization electricity market models, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol:35, ISSN:0885-8950, Pages:163-176

Ye Y, Papadaskalopoulos D, Strbac G, 2018, Investigating the Ability of Demand Shifting to Mitigate Electricity Producers' Market Power, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol:33, ISSN:0885-8950, Pages:3800-3811

Ye Y, Papadaskalopoulos D, Strbac G, 2015, Factoring Flexible Demand Non-Convexities in Electricity Markets, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol:30, ISSN:0885-8950, Pages:2090-2099

More Publications