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Samuel is a honorary research fellow at the MRC Centre for Environment and Health. He is now based at the George Institute for Global Health, University of Oxford, contact details are here



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Gulliver J, Elliott P, Hansell A, et al., 2018, Local- and regional-scale air pollution modelling (PM10) and exposure assessment for pregnancy trimesters, infancy, and childhood to age 15 years: Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents And Children (ALSPAC)., Environment International, Vol:113, ISSN:0160-4120, Pages:10-19

Doiron D, de Hoogh K, Probst-Hensch N, et al., 2017, Residential Air Pollution and Associations with Wheeze and Shortness of Breath in Adults: A Combined Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data from Two Large European Cohorts., Environmental Health Perspectives, Vol:125, ISSN:0091-6765

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