Picture of Dr Mohammad Diab
Dr Mohammed Diab

Dr. Mohammed Diab is a research associate in the Personal Robotics Lab. (PRL), Imperial College London (ICL). He has been awarded his Ph.D. degree in Automatic Control, Robotics, and Computer Vision at the Institute of Industrial and Control Engineering (IOC), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). During his Ph.D., he developed cloud-based frameworks that, some of them, were a part of joint works during his visits to other labs. The visited labs are IAI (Institute for Artificial Intelligence), Bremen, Germany, and Third Institute of Physics Biophysics, Georg-August University Göttingen.​ He is a voting member of the "Autonomous Robots" sub-group of the IEEE WG ORA that works on the standardization of ontologies for robotics and automation.

Mohammed Diab's research interests include Intelligent Robotics, particularly in intelligent perception, planning that includes manipulation skills, multi-scale user modelling/reasoning, and cognitive robotics to generate human-like behaviour.

He is currently working for the UK Research Innovation (UKRI ) Trust Node project funded by Innovate UK, in which he develops human behaviour inference methods for Trustworthy Human-Robot Interaction.

More information can be found on his personal web page here.